Alignment Southwest Charlotte has had a tremendous impact on Winget Park Elementary in the few months that I have been privileged to serve as Principal.  Alignment Southwest Charlotte has provided unique learning opportunities for students.  The support us in gaining coding classes for our students, and career speakers who helped our students bridge the gap between what they were learning and where it could be used in their future.  Neither of these amazing opportunities would have occurred had it not been for the consistent support and work of Alignment Southwest Charlotte.

Additionally, Alignment Southwest Charlotte has helped us to support our teachers, especially in our growth as a STEM partial magnet.  We have had the opportunity to tour several STEM-related places of employment in the Steele Creek area and learn, first hand, the skills and mindsets that our students will need to be successful in the future.  From this, our teachers have created new models of education to ensure that we are preparing students for their future.  ASWC has also supported us in providing opportunities for teacher to participate in the STEMersion summer program, providing them with the chance to learn from mentors across the community to better support the education of our students.

ASWC has helped us to provide a robust robotics team for our students, connecting us with Bosch-Rexroth for donations and hands-on support and providing a unique opportunity for high school students from Olympic High School to mentor our young engineers.  This program has had a tremendous impact on students at both schools.

The support of ASWC is more than just educational.  Last year, they helped facilitate the donation of book bags for summer reading for all of our students working to meet the Read to Achieve requirements.  Their personal investment in the youth of our community is amazing and has had, and continues to have, a tremendous impact on the students, teachers, and families of Winget Park Elementary.

Rick Mohrien, 


Winget Park Elementary School

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