School Information:

13620 Erwin Road
Charlotte, NC 28273
Courier # 436

P: 980-343-3680 | F: 980-343-3719

Principal: Jigna Patel

LC: South Learning Community
Bell Schedule: 8:45 AM – 3:45 PM
Grades: PreK-5

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Lake Wylie Elementary

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Volunteering at Lake Wylie

Welcome to Lake Wylie Elementary

We are excited that you are interested in volunteering at Lake Wylie Elementary School. Our school is a diverse community of Pre-K through Fifth Grade Learners.  Students have the opportunity to engage in a personalized learning curriculum that stresses collaboration, problem solving and real world learning. Our school has a dedicated science lab and students participate in experiments at least once a week.

Lake Wylie is also dedicated to the whole child. We incorporate the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People throughout the school day and focus on building student character through quarterly celebrations. Also, our students have the opportunity to learn the connection of the brain to movement in our school’s new sensory lab.

Lake Wylie Elementary is Dedicated to Progress

Lake Wylie is committed to improving academic achievement for all students. In fact, students have exceeded growth in the past year while showing success in our science curriculum. We hope that with the help of volunteers and community partners that we will be able to increase our proficiency and continue to help each child exceed growth expectations. 

How Can You Help?

  • Reading Buddies-Model positive reading habits by reading weekly with one of our students.
  • MentorShip-Meet weekly with one of our students as a mentor to provide positive encouragement and serve as a role model.
  • Adopt a Teacher-Support a new teacher throughout the year with classroom supplies and helping to organize their room.
  • Donate to our Character Celebrations-Provide treats to our quarterly celebrations that incentivize good behavior.

Appreciation for the Support of Alignment SWC

I would be happy to talk about the impact that Alignment Southwest Charlotte has had on Lake Wylie Elementary.  This year, we have benefitted in a myriad of ways. 

First, Alignment Southwest has served as a forum for us to find partnerships that have supported the character development within our school.  Numerous speakers have come out to speak at our Chief Example for Others lunches.  These lunches are a chance to recognize the students that are following our character program and provide them guidance on how they can continue to strive as students.   Additionally, we have been able to count on numerous reading buddies that we also met at Alignment meetings.

Second, Alignment Southwest has served as a liaison for many of our needs.  When we have mentioned needing support with clothing in our nurse’s office, Alignment Southwest stepped up to help us stock our closet.   Volunteers have been here for our school STREAM and STEM Nights.  Many of the events we have here at Lake Wylie are supported by the partnerships we have developed through this program. 

Finally, our robotics team has benefitted greatly from the support of Alignment Southwest.   We have received funding for additional resources and mentoring for our teachers.  We are greatly appreciative of this continued support.   Each and every time we have asked for the support of Alignment Southwest, we have received a wonderful response.  We are thankful to have such great community support that is organized around a similar vision. 

Thank you,

Bobby French

Assistant Principal

Lake Wylie Elementary