Please consider how your business or organization can support elementary and middle school students in Steele Creek.              

                  6 Elementary Schools:  Berewick, Lake Wylie, Palisades Park, River Gate, Steele Creek, Winget Park 

                                                                           2 Middle Schools:  Kennedy, Southwest




Partnering Need Schools involved Timeframe
STEM Events Expertise Mentors/coaches to help with afterschool robotics, science or engineering clubs

Also Odyssey of the Mind



Steele Creek

Winget Park

October – March

1 hour/week

Part or all year

Expertise Career Exposure – Guest Speakers Kennedy*


Winget Park

Flexible timing

*10:15 – 11:15 best for Kennedy

Expertise Imagination Chapter (support students with engineering/design challenges, tools & skills) Winget Park School year

8:00 – 9:00 am

One day/week

Expertise Field Trips

(Such as manufacturing facilities,  labs, energy building)



Winget Park

Flexible timing
Expertise Speakers & tables for Career Fair

Or Career Day


Winget Park



Sponsor a coding class/workshop Kennedy

Steele Creek


River Gate

Expertise Volunteers for STEM

Nights, Science and Engineering Fairs

(Judges, tables, volunteers)

Kennedy Steele Creek



Prizes Prizes for Science & Engineering Fair winners Kennedy


Winget Park


December 2017


Funds Support to continue

Science Olympiads,

Technology Student Assoc. (TSA)

Kennedy On going
Mentors For individual students All schools On going
Other Funds or gifts Teacher Appreciation

Food, small gifts, etc.

(80-90 teachers per school)

All Schools Many opportunities throughout year
Expertise Marketing, public relations, and advertising assistance Southwest


Flexible Timing
Volunteer &/or funds Create outdoor reading benches Southwest TBD


Other Volunteer &/or funds Beautifying school grounds Berewick

River Gate

Flexible Timing
Tables Promote your business at Monthly Parents Nights Southwest Monthly


Scholarship for 5th grade class field trip Steele Creek

Lake Wylie

By April 2019
Supply or funds Copies for quarterly assessments River Gate Oct/Jan/Mar/May
Volunteers Literacy Support

Reading Buddy (K- 3rd grade)

6-8th grade students

All schools I hour week or flexible
Volunteers Read Charlotte  (K – 3rd grade) Berewick


Volunteers Math Tutoring with the support of Heart Tutoring Berewick 30-60 min./week

8:30 – 9:30 T-Fri.

12:30 – 1:30 pm M-Th.

Volunteers Proctors for end of school assessments All schools May 2019

Contact the schools directly (ask for the volunteer coordinator or principal):  

Elementary Schools:

Berewick:  Mojdeh Henderson:

Lake Wylie:  Bobby French:

Palisades Park: Gina O’Hara:

Rivergate:  Jeremy Lundgren:

Steele Creek:  Gregg Petty:

Winget Park:  Rick Mohrien:


Middle Schools:

Kennedy:  Rebecca Grgurina:

Southwest:  Vickie Johnson:


Or Alignment SWC Coordinator:  Jeanne Smith: jeanne@alignmentswc

Available to help businesses and organizations work with schools

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